Constitution of the Governing Board


Contact details of the Clerk – Rachel Gale,

Upcoming Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for two upcoming vacancies:

1 x Parent Governor

The role of parent governor is an elected position, if you are interested in nominating yourself for this position please contact the Clerk.

1 x Co-Opted Governor

The role of co-opted governor is an appointed position, we are currently recruiting individuals that have a background in human resources, marketing and finance.  However we would be interested in talking to interested parties about any professional and personal skills that they hold which may benefit to the Governing Board, if you would like to find out more on becoming a Governor at Stower Provost please either contact the Clerk or visit


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the school need a Governing Body?

Governing Bodies represent the public interest in the running of the school. All our governors work closely with the staff and the Local Authority to help the school provide the best possible education for all children.

2. What are the Governors' main responsibilities?

Developing and overseeing the School’s development plan every year as well as managing more long term planning, monitoring the school budget, overseeing the curriculum and the school premises and being involved with the appointment of staff.

3. Do governors have individual responsibilities?

There are named governors for Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, the Creative Curriculum and SEN. They liaise with teaching staff and arrange visits connected with their specific areas. Nominated Governors also ensure that the school meets its Safeguarding and Health & Safety responsibilities.

4. Is the school Governing Body accountable?

Yes, to parents, the Local Authority and the wider community.

5. Are Governors in charge of the day to day management of the school?

No, this is the responsibility of the Headteacher, who is also a member of the Governing Body.

6. Can Governors make decisions on school policy?

In certain areas and in conjunction with the Headteacher and staff as appropriate. All Governors are equal and share corporate responsibility for decision making. They do not make policy as individuals.

7. Do School Governors require any formal qualification to fulfil their role?

No. Enthusiasm, commitment and the ability to work as part of a team are the most important attributes. All Governors regularly attend training courses hosted by the Local Authority.

8. Are Governors paid?

No. Governors give their time voluntarily and share a common desire to act in the best interests of the school and its pupils at all times.

9. What is a Governor’s usual term of office?

A Governor’s term of office is three years.

10. I am interested in becoming a Governor, how can I join the Governing Body?

As vacancies arise, they are advertised in school newsletters and on the website. You then register your interest with our Clerk, Mrs Sandy Pike. If there is more than one applicant for a vacancy, then an election will be held.

11. How can I inform the Governing Body of any concern I may have?

Via our annual Parent Questionnaire, annual Parents Meeting or contact our Clerk to the Governors Rachel Gale via the School Office, or our Chair of Governors Cathy Barrow via the school office.