Music & Performing Arts

Children at Stower Provost have the opportunity to take part in peripatetic music lessons – keyboard/piano, violin and clarinet lessons.  These lessons require a parental contribution towards the cost and pupils are given the opportunity to take the Associated Board Examinations. 

Whilst in the 3 / 4 class all children have the opportunity to learn an instrument for 20 weeks (clarinets, violins / cellos and samba drumming in the last few years) under the government ‘Music for All’ scheme. Children with a musical aptitude are chosen to continue for a further term.

Each term all of the children will be involved in class assemblies which are a snapshot of learning that has been going on in their classroom. Parents and family buy ambien online pharmacy friends are invited to watch these, along with the usual Harvest and Easter assemblies.

The highlight of the year for many children is the Christmas production in which every child in the school is involved. They may have speaking roles or dressing up parts, be singing or be involved in the technical aspects. There are several performances at the end of the Autumn term and the growth in a child’s confidence is amazing to see as they move through the school.