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Awful Egyptian Acorn assembly

Awful Egyptian Acorn assembly
November 20, 2015 James Stanford

This morning we held our class assembly.

We told the school and our parents about what we had learnt about Ancient Eygpt. We decided to show off our dancing skills by dancing to Walk like an Egyptian.

Betsy, George and Ellie were fantastic narrators who told the story of our Ancient Egyptian learning.

Eden, Owen, Ellie, Joe, Johnny, Ollie, Sam and George played their parts of Pharaohs and gods really well!

Izzy and Suki stole the show with their double act of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter!

We then performed our favourite firework poem (with actions) and finished with another display of our amazing Egyptian dancing.

Mrs B was really pleased with us apart from when we said she was born in Ancient Egyptian times!