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Values & Ethos



To achieve high academic standards through inspirational quality teaching and learning, delivering a creative and enriched curriculum with equal opportunities for all.

To provide a stimulating, supportive and happy learning environment which promotes challenge and adventure where pupils are inspired to achieve and exceed their full and unique potential.

To nurture a ‘can do’ attitude where all children believe that they can achieve more than they thought possible.


To provide a school environment which is welcoming, engaging, safe and secure that enhances and enriches the curriculum both inside and outside.

An environment which supports all children to become self-disciplined and self-confident in order to equip them for life ahead.


To foster relationships within our school community which are respectful, tolerant, kind and forgiving.

To develop, encourage and expect Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors to be Resourceful, Resilient and Responsible Leaders and Learners.

Every year we develop and refine our plan for continued school improvement making sure that how we deliver our aims stays fresh, relevant and challenging.

Our School Development Plan priorities 2021 – 2022

1.) To re-establish and develop opportunities to enhance pupils’ cultural capital that were in place prior to Covid (March ‘20)  

 2.) To refine our systems for monitoring to ensure all aspects of Leadership and Management lead to accelerated progress during the year 

 3.) The provision in the Early Years ensures a strong start in all aspects for the youngest children