The provision of school buses by Dorset Council is detailed on the Gillingham school bus routes page on the website.

Pupils may be entitled to receive free transport, due to the location of their home, or may choose to pay a concessionary fare of £460 per year (regardless of distance). The option of paying in 10 monthly instalments from September to June may be available. If a pupil wishes to start using school transport after a school year has already begun, the yearly fare will be pro-rated. Applications can be made on the Dorset School transport – apply and appeal page.

The two relevant routes in the morning are:

From Gillingham:
H075A – South West Coaches (53 seater). Only the second leg of the route is particularly relevant for Stower Provost pupils. This starts at Gillingham Comprehensive school then picks up at Brickfields Estate (Gillingham), East Stour and the Udder Farm Shop before arriving at Stower Provost Primary School.

In some circumstances, pupils may be asked to take the coach from one of the earlier stops (Fifehead Magdelen, Buckhorn Weston, Kington Magna, West Stour) into Gillingham and then back out to Stower Provost. Guidelines indicate that a pupil may be asked to make a journey of up to 45 minutes, so Dorset  Council may decide to offer a place on the bus rather than arranging alternative transport. Spaces on the bus are very limited before the drop-off at Gillingham Comprehensive school, but there are typically over 30 spaces available for the outbound run from Gillingham to Stower Provost.

From Buckhorn Weston:
H110A (4 seater taxi) Buckhorn Weston, Kington Magna, West Stour, Stour Provost Community School. There are currently no spaces for concessions on this service.


In the evening, these routes are reversed. H075A drops pupils off at Gillingham Comprehensive school (and beyond) and H110A makes its way to Buckhorn Weston.


Route 25 of the National Cycle Network runs between Gillingham and Stour Row, passing close to Stower Provost School.