Raksha Bandhan 

Raksha Bandhan 
June 28, 2018 James Stanford

During our RE topic we are discussing caring for other people and we learnt about the Hindu celebration of Rkasha Bandhan. This celebrates the bond and relationship between brothers and sisters. Rubeckia and Oscar acted out the festival for the rest of the class to celebrate with them.

First the sister ties a Rakhi bracelet onto the wrist of her brother. The Rakhi is traditionally red and gold and can contain jewels.

They then complete the ceremony of Artic where a tray containing a candle is rotated around the brother’s face and prayers and good wishes are spoken.

The sister then applies a red mark known as the tilak on the brother’s forehead.

The brother then makes a special promise to look after and protect their sister.  

The brother then gives the sister a present.  
They finish the ceremony by having a hug. The rest of the family then join them in a party celebration.