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When we went down to the woods

When we went down to the woods
January 27, 2022 Kate Hillam

We were very lucky to be able to experience an unusual event on a beautiful, blue, January afternoon.

Children from years 2-6 walked from school to Duncliffe Wood to be met by the Woodland Trust site manager, Sarah. She explained to the children that the site was being managed and this included removing some trees. So as not to damage the bluebells and other wildlife features that the wood is famous for, horses have been used to remove the timber.

Horses used to be the only way to carry out forestry operations and, after nearly dying out, there has been renewed interest because of the environmental benefits.

Three of the contractors, Kate, Toby and Merlin took time out to introduce us to some of the horses and explain how they are worked. The children had lots of thoughtful questions.

A huge thanks to all the parents and careers who came along to help supervise the children. It was lovely to be able to share a school activity with so many people.