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Newsletter 17th January 2020

Newsletter 17th January 2020
January 17, 2020 Sandy Pike

Dear Parents and Carers

The weather this week has been particularly bad, but as everyone has come to school with a coat the children have been able to go outside despite the strong winds and heavy rain. Unfortunately, our footballers have had a match and a tournament postponed, so we hope that the rescheduled events next week will go ahead.

We are also hoping for good weather on this Sunday (19th January) as a working party has been arranged for 9:00am to fit the new roof panels to the swimming pool changing rooms. If you are able to help with this or with helping to finish off the hall curtain refurbishment we would love to see you. Ladders and power-tools welcome but not essential. We will provide Biscuits and Coffee – welcome and essential!

Money Saving Project – Dorset Green Living

You should have received an e-mail this week about the Dorset Green Living Project. Our local Sustainability Champion, Jenny Morisetti, who lives just down the road, is keen to organise groups of parents and other members of the local community who are interested in cutting down on waste and saving considerable amounts of money (average of over £500 per year…). More information can be found at If you are interested in joining a group, please let me know and I will pass your details onto Jenny.


Continuing the theme, the Duncliffe Garden Club will be holding their annual Spring Show on Saturday 28th March. Children in Hazel Class have already planted daffodils for one class, and we will be entering pictures and poems from school as usual. There is another class for children this year: An arrangement of Flowers/Bulbs/Shrubs in a Recycled Container, eg Wellie Boot or old bucket. This is one for the children to do at home, and I hope many will challenge themselves to make something really special. Entries for the classes can be brought into school on the Friday before, or taken to East Stour Village hall between 9:00am and 10:30am on the day.


After many months of being a Headlouse Free School, I have been made aware of their return. Please check your child’s hair carefully over the next few weeks and treat accordingly.

Events at Gillingham Library

I have been asked to remind you about a range of fun activities being put on at Gillingham Library. Tomorrow morning, 10am – 1pm there is an Animation Workshop, a great opportunity for the children to use their imaginations and gain new skills, and on Friday 7th February 5pm – 6pm they are holding a Harry Potter Night. Full details of their events can be found most easily by searching Gillingham Library.

Children’s Health and Well-being

Each year the school is allocated an amount of money by the Government to be spent on improving the children’s access to sport and improving their fitness and subsequent well-being. I am looking into using some of this money on providing each child in Key Stage 2 with a specially designed fitness monitor. Details of these can be found at It has been proven to substantially improve the children’s awareness of their activity and provides challenge to improve fitness. If our current trial of the product is successful, I will be sending home a slip asking permission for your children’s basic details (name, year group, gender, school house) to be used on our data system for monitoring class progress and setting group targets. As always when we are looking to do something new, I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this initiative.

With best wishes

James Stanford