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Newsletter 18th Nov 2022

Newsletter 18th Nov 2022
November 21, 2022 Sandy Pike

Dear Parents and Carers,

I do hope this newsletter finds you all in good spirits. This week sickness appears to have been high, with a bug certainly makes its way around Beech Class.  Thank you to all parents who have kept their children at home for 48 hours following their child’s last bout of sickness, hopefully reducing transmission of the bug.  As always school carries on, and it is great to see so many smiling faces, bright ‘hellos’ and lively chatter around the corridors. Let’s hope next week brings health and well-being to all within our community!

Events & Visits

Road Safety Visit

All classes had a road safety talk from the DAS Policing department.  Reception class were taught the key message of stop, look, listen and think, while further up the school pupils taught about observation skills linked to unseen hazards i.e. driveways and electric cars.

Children in Need Day

Today everyone donned spotted or coloured socks, tights or an accessory e.g. a scarf in support of Children in Need Day. How many staff wearing spots of some kind today?!

Class Room News

Oak Class

Oak Class have been very busy this week, preparing for their fractions topic by trying hard to spot factor patterns in numbers. They are enjoying starting their own White Rose booklets too. In English, pupils have studied some scenes from Goodnight Mr Tom and have rewritten some parts in their own words. The children enjoyed seeing the first clips from the film, too. In Science the class have been refracting light and making rainbows using white light from a torch.

The children are looking forward to making periscopes next week, to help them see round corners.

Chestnut Class

In English, Chestnut Class have been looking at extreme places, building their vocabulary and writing descriptions.

For Maths, the children have started looking at multiplication and division. Year 3’s have looked at equal groups and making arrays and Year 4’s have been looking at their 6 and 9 times tables.

In Science, the children completed an investigation involving melting points.

Next week, the children will be designing a scarf for one of their teddies. On Wednesday, the children will be able to bring into school a teddy they would like to design a scarf for.

Beech Class

Beech Class have enjoyed continuing their ‘Extreme Weather’ topic this week by making observations about the weather and writing weather diaries, as well as finding out about animals who live in extreme climates. In Science, the children have learnt about different habitats and ways in which animals have adapted in order to survive. They have learnt about ways in which Polar Bears have adapted to their environment and have had opportunities to discuss scientific questions, and explain their thoughts and opinions with peers. Pupils have continued developing their addition and subtraction skills in maths. Next week, the class will start to learn about shape and geometry.

Hazel Class

The week Hazel Class have been learning about the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have been talking about the actions Goldilocks could have taken following her actions, including saying sorry and fixing the chair.  Pupils have been writing apology letters and wanted posters.  In Maths a deepening of understanding of numbers to six has been achieved, through the use of a lot of board games!

Next week learning will be developed from the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and will include bridge building.

Diary dates for the forthcoming week and beyond. (Additions or alternations are marked in red)


30th Nov AM Visit to Port Regis to see a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’


1st Dec 14.50 Christmas Tree Service & decorating the tree


7th Dec 14.30 Nativity in the Hall – ’Dress Rehearsal’ to which all are welcome


8th Dec 15.30 Nativity in the Hall – to which all are welcome
13th Dec 16.00 Carol Service at St Michael and The Angels’ Church, Stour Provost – all welcome.
16th Dec


15.20 End of Term