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January 5, 2021 Sandy Pike

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to you with more information about our procedures for on-line learning to make sure the children are able to make the most of their time at home. Please be aware that what I share now may well change again.

Mrs Pike sent all of you your child’s individual log in to Microsoft Teams, via ParentMail e-mail, on or around 11th November last term. Please check your records and, if you cannot locate it, and your child has forgotten, contact Mrs Pike for a reminder. There is a useful guide on , which shows you how to navigate to and around the platform, but please note that not all of the features will be applicable to your child’s class. A series of links to other tutorials is available on the school website. If you have any difficulties logging in to Teams, or accessing the materials, please e-mail the class teachers via the class e-mail. The plan is for the teachers to put the planning, resources and assignments on Teams, and will also contact you in person, either via Teams or telephone, to keep in touch with your children and make sure the learning is going well. I will send home a written protocol for the meetings so you know what to expect.

The staff  have also been putting together bags of resources (literally), such as exercise books, text books or practical materials depending on the class, to be collected from school. I will send out a text when your child’s pack is ready for collection. Please avoid the normal beginning and end of day times when coming to collect your child’s bag. If you have requested the loan of a school laptop, this will be ready at the same time.

Since my message last night, we have had a significant number of requests for in-school provision. Of course, I would like to have all the children in school learning as normal, but in this new phase of Lockdown, I am highlighting the Government’s key message, which is to stay at home unless you have no alternative. The same applies to our work in school. If you have any alternative to your child coming into school, even if there is a Critical Worker parent, please use that alternative in order to help us keep numbers low in school and reduce the chance of spreading the virus between families and to staff.

Please wish your children a Happy New Year from all the staff at Stower Provost School. We are looking forward to seeing the work they are doing, to chatting with them about their learning, but most of all, welcoming them all back into school, hopefully after half term.

With best wishes

James Stanford