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Newsletter 24th September 2021

Newsletter 24th September 2021
September 27, 2021 Sandy Pike

Dear Parents and Carers

At last the pool has been ready for the children to swim and it has been lovely to see how much they have enjoyed going in this week. We have been particularly impressed with how well the Reception children have managed with many of them being very confident. We will keep using the pool for as long as the water is warm enough, so please keep sending your children in with their swimming kit.

We are currently collating our list of lunchtime and after school clubs for this term. It is looking as though there will be a great range of activities for the children and, as always, I would like to thank the staff for giving up their time to run these invaluable extras for the children. If your children are booked into a club, please make sure they attend each week and, if for any reason they are not able to go one week, we would be grateful if you would let the member of staff know in advance, and if they are intending not to attend any more, please contact them to discuss the reasons and to see if any arrangements can be made to encourage them to keep going.

If you would like to help run a club, please contact the relevant staff member via the office. If you would like to run one of your own, let me know!


We currently have a large number of children having the hot school meals, which is excellent. They represent great value for money and are very tasty. Do remember that, if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 they are free, and if your children are eligible for the Pupil Premium they can have the meals free, too. Such is the success of the lunches, we are looking to recruit another lunchtime supervisor; if you might be interested in this role, initially an hour a day with long holidays(!), please let me know, even if you can only manage a couple of days.

We are also looking for someone to help with the After-School Club on Thursdays and Fridays. Again, this club is proving very popular and it is very rewarding providing fun and educational activities for the children at the end of the school day.

Finally, on the recruitment front, we are still looking to employ a reasonably practical person to take on our small maintenance jobs and carry out some of the weekly checks we have to do.

Full training will be given for each of these posts, which could all be carried out by the same person and amount to some 12 – 16 hours per week term-time, or as individual jobs. For more details, please contact me on the car park or via the office.

With best wishes

James Stanford