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Newsletter 26th April 2024

Newsletter 26th April 2024
April 26, 2024 Sandy Pike

Dear Parents and Carers,

The weeks are flying by, as the Easter break seems to have been an age away, and classes are in the full swing of new projects learning about Greeks, Romans, British rulers and the history of the school in humanities; weaving, sewing, architecture and James Russi in art or design and in Science plants or properties and materials.

First of all, an enormous THANK YOU to all of you for supporting and ensuring your children coming to school. Attendance is in the government’s spotlight, with a drive to ensure high attendance by all pupils. I am pleased to say Stower Provost ‘s attendance is currently sitting at 97% and above the national average. We have therefore been awarded a certificate from the Fisher Family Trust (which collects data from schools across the country), for our school’s attendance rate being within the top 10% of schools nationally.

Marvellous Me

Please be aware staff are using the Marvellous Me app to inform you about any positive/notable achievements or behaviours your child/ren have displayed in school. MarvellousMe tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work, a great character skill, or received school rewards. It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning support and encouragement.

MarvellousMe is free for parents. You’ll get exciting alerts if you use it on your smartphone or tablet. If you have not already downloaded this app on your devices then I would encourage you to do so. Your child will come home with an invitational letter today and a unique parental joining code.

Download the MarvellousMe for parents app.

Enter your Parent Join Code.

Tap ‘Sign up’.

Enter your name and email.

To sign up and use MarvellousMe on your PC, please use Chrome as your internet browser.

Need help? Tap here for a walkthrough, or please visit our Help Centre.


Please would all parents and carers contact the school office if their child/ren is/are NOT travelling by school bus for the afternoon journey. Many thanks for your help with this matter.


Hazel Class trip to Duncliffe Woods

Hazel class ventured to Duncliffe Woods today to explore the flora and fauna of our local beauty spot. The bluebells were in bloom and the scent a delight, I have no doubt. See class news below to learn more.


Our Monday assemblies this half of term will be focusing on the elements contained within Pandora’s Box including: madness, sorrow, disease (health), greed and hope. We started this week with the story of Pandora and the box.

Lego Club

This week’s challenge was to create a sea turtle. The winning team on Monday was Fred and Ophelia, with Matilda and Amelia winning on Wednesday. Congratulations to all.

Sporting Events

On Tuesday a representative of Dorset Cricket visited the school and led an engagement cricket session. All pupils experienced the sessions, with all enjoying the experience.

If this has ignited a spark of interest, then there are a number of local clubs which have junior training sessions, and also play junior competitive games. Stour Provost has its own local team. Do please ask me if you would like further details of local clubs.


School Clubs

Breakfast and After School Club, staffed and run by Prime Sports in the school hall can be booked online at:  (Select Stower Provost Community School in the specific venue box and scroll down to Wraparound Care.

Breakfast Club runs daily 07.45 – 08.45, and After School Club from 15.30 – 17.00 daily. Please see the Prime Sports website for costs.

We also have a number of ‘hobby’ clubs being offered this term including:


Club Day Time For year groups Run by Cost
Lego Monday 15.20 – 16.30 Year 1/2/3/4/5 Miss Buxton £3.99 + VAT per session
KS1 Multi-Sports

(summer sports)

Tuesday 15.30 – 16.30 Years 1 & 2 Prime Sports FREE
Gardening Tuesday (starting 30th April) 15.20 – 16.30 4 spaces (sign up by emailing Mrs Pike) Mrs Berwick £6 for 4 sessions i.e. until half term
Lego Wednesday 15.20 – 16.30 Year 1/2/3/4/5 Miss Buxton £3.99 + VAT per session
Eco Club Friday 12.30 – 13.00 All Mrs B FREE
KS2 Multi-Sports

(summer sports)

Friday 15.30 – 16.30 Years 3/4/5/6 Prime Sports FREE

Signing up for Clubs

Sports Clubs are free for children to attend and subsidised out of the school’s PEPPSA (sports funding).

Please book any Prime Sports Clubs on:

KS1 –

KS2 –

Lego Club is booked through

Gardening Club with Mrs Berwick. There are 4 spaces available. Please sign up with Mrs Pike by emailing or dropping in.

Pyjamarama Day – 17th May

Pyjamarama Day is to raise money for the Book Trust Campaign, which supports disadvantaged children giving access to books and other resources. Children are invited to wear a pair of pjs all day (other clothes can be worn underneath), and bring in their favourite book to share with the class. We ask children to bring in a £1 donation, which will go towards helping ensure all children can reap the life changing benefits of reading. Please see the attached letter for further information.


Please would all parents be vigilant, check their child’s hair and take appropriate action. The aim is to eradicate this problem in our school, it does however take a ‘team parental effort’ to make this possible, and I thank those parents who are fastidiously checking their children’s hair and understand their frustration when, week in week out, their children are re-infested!


Easy Fundraising

Just a reminder that if you are buying any forthcoming gifts or doing any online shopping, to please sign up and use the Easy Fundraising site for your searching and purchasing. This will generate money for the school, without costing you a penny! If you need a helping hand to sort this, then do please ask.

Class news


This week, Oak Class have completed writing their recounts of the trip to Feltham Farm last week, including many interesting details and giving their overall opinion of the trip. The children moved on to begin a writing unit based on the book Kick by Mitch Johnson, about a young boy who lives in Indonesia making football boots. The unit focuses on writing a persuasive letter to Jesse Lingard to persuade him to help stop the use of child labour in the manufacturing of football kits – which prompted lots of very interesting discussion. In maths, the Year 5s have been converting units of measurement: millilitres/litres, millimetres/metres and seconds/minutes/hours/days. The Year 6s have been looking at ratio and scaled drawings, identifying the scale factors between similar shapes. In History we started our Ancient Greek unit, looking at the chronology of Ancient Greece and its place in world history, from the Minoan civilisation to the Hellenistic period. In DT we started our unit on Architecture and identified key architectural changes in buildings, from Stonehenge through to modern eco-friendly buildings. (Mrs Toy)


This week, Chestnut Class have been exploring the structure of letters in English. They have written a letter pretending to be Lydia Grace from ‘The Gardener’ and included lots of interesting facts about plants which they have been researching. In Maths, the children have continued to explore Money and have been comparing and adding money which has deepened their understanding.

In Computing, the children looked have been learning to edit and improve posters by changing the style, size and colour of font.  In French, we have been continuing to introduce ourselves and answer the question ‘Ca va?’ in different ways. (Ms Gardiner)


This week, Beech class have been planning and drafting their Bird Feeder Instructions using imperative (bossy) verbs and learning how instructions are laid out.  In maths, the children have continued to explore fractions narrowing in on quarters and thirds this week.

In other learning areas, the children went to Forest School to explore mini beasts to create their own bar chart on what mini beasts were found.  In History, the children looked at the different monarchs that Britain has had since the Anglo-Saxon period all the way to the present day, focussing on how to use their reigning dates to put them into chronological order. (Mrs Whelan)


In Science, the children have been furthering their knowledge of plants by investigating the different types of plants we have within our surroundings, learning about wild and garden plants, the different leaf structures and features, and working out what grows from a bulb and what grows from a seed. This learning was supported by our walk to Duncliffe, where the children had a brilliant time investigating all the different plants they found.

In History, we have continued our learning about the school and its history, looking at old photos and comparing these to the school as it is now.

FS2 have made incredible strides in their phonics learning, and this has been seen in their writing, as you will see from their Tapestry. (Miss Buxton)

Diary dates  (dates in red have been added this week)


6th – 10th May All Key Stage 1 testing week
9th May 15.30 – 18.00 Year 2/3 Gillingham Schools Multiskills Festival
10th May One session during the day per class Stour Provost Flower Club supporting with art-based activities linked to the Stour Provost Flower Festival.
13th – 16th May 4 days KS2 testing week
17th May All Day Pyjamarama Day
21st May 10.00 – 14.30 Year 3/4 Gillingham Schools mini tennis festival at Port Regis.
24th May Timings tbc Sports / Swimming Day
6th June Timings tbc Yrs 3 – 6 Gillingham School Athletics Competition at Yeovil
8th June Timings tbc Stour Provost Open Gardens – display at 2pm
10th – 16th June 1 week Phonic Screening week – year 1 pupils
19th June 13.45 M&M show and workshops
28th June 10.00 -12.00 Y2 Gillingham Schools Mini Olympics at St Gregory’s school
5th July Tbc School play dress rehearsal
8th July Tbc Jungle Book visiting performance
9th July 14.00 School play performance
10th July 9.00 – 12.00 Year 4/5 Gillingham Schools Swimming Gala at Riversmeet
10th July 16.00 School play performance
16th July 9.00 – 11.30 Year 6 girls PE transition project at Gillingham School (invitation only)
19th July 14.30 Leavers Assembly
19th July 15.20 Last day of school before the summer holiday
22nd July 2024   INSET DAY
23rd July 2024   INSET DAY

Best wishes,