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Newsletter 4th November 2022

Newsletter 4th November 2022
November 9, 2022 Sandy Pike

Dear Parents and Carers,

I do hope one and all enjoyed the half term break; certainly, the children appear to have returned to school
refreshed and ready for the second half of term. A short and sweet newsletter this week!

I wish to thank you all for adhering to our new car parking approach, with the car park is be ‘closed’, with
NO movement of traffic allowed, in or out between 15.15 and 15.30. I hope, as I am sure we all do, that
this will help to keep the children safe at collection time.

Fire Safety and Fire Engine Visit
All children thoroughly enjoyed the fire engine visit from Gillingham Fire Station. The children were shown
the equipment held on the fire tender and the equipment carried by personnel. A real highlight for all was
the opportunity to aim and use the fire engine’s water hose.
The children were taught about fire safety, particularly what to do in the event of a fire and how to prevent
them, such as the use of fire detectors.

The day was rounded off by a firework safety assembly led by Firefighter Jon. Our thanks to Gillingham
Fire Station for facilitating this enjoyable and informative day.

Open Morning for Prospective Parents for September 2023
Any parents keen to come and see Reception Class in action, prior to making an application for entry in on
Thursday 10th November 10 – 10.45am.

I understand a number of parents were finding it difficult to attend the Nativity performance on 7th
December at 14.30, particularly with work commitments. I hope the move to make the 7th December
performance, a ‘dress rehearsal’ to which all are still invited at 14.30, and the addition of a performance
on 8th December at 15.30, will allow one and all to attend.

Hazel and Beech Class pupils are the stars of the nativity so I would ask all parents add the 8th December
15.30 – 16.30 to their calendars to ensure we have a full cast!

Class Room News
Oak Class
This week the class have watched our Hidden Figures film about women of colour in the Space Race. The
children were surprised by the discrimination which occurred then, but were glad that it doesn’t happen so
much now. Oak Class have been looking at square numbers and also dipped into cube and square roots as
well as cube numbers as a fun activity after their division work. Children also started writing a script for an
eco-film in computing, which they are looking forward to editing.

Chestnut Class
In English the children have been identifying features of biographies. They have planned and wrote a
biography about Sir David Attenborough. In Maths pupils have looking at strategies on how to check our
addition and subtraction strategies, while in Science the children have been introduced to the properties of
solids, liquids and gases. Next week the children will be looking at the physical and human features of
polar regions as part of their Extreme Places topic this term.

Beech Class
In English the children have enjoyed learning about the story of the Runaway Iceberg and have
investigated and written about ice balloons. In Maths pupils continued with counting and addition work,
while in design and technology children have started to learn about mechanisms and levers.
Next week the children will be focusing on non-fiction texts and writing linked to their topic of ‘extreme
weather’, with particular focus on the polar regions.

Hazel Class
This week the children have learning about Divali and the Hindu religion. We have been investigating
temples, the story behind Divali and creating our own versions of diya lamps, Rangoli patterns and mehndi
patterns. Pupils have also started looking at traditional tales by reading and exploring The Little Red Hen,
with the children achieving some amazing writing!
Next week Hazel Class will be studying the story of the Three Little Pigs and the history of house building
will be investigated. We will welcome a local master thatcher into school to support our understanding of
house building.

Diary dates for the forthcoming week and beyond. (Additions or alternations are marked in red)
18th Nov All Day Children in Need Day
30th Nov AM Visit to Port Regis to see a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’
1st Dec 14.50 Christmas Tree Service & decorating the tree
7th Dec 14.30 Nativity in the Hall – ’Dress Rehearsal’ to which all are welcome
8th Dec 15.30 Nativity in the Hall – to which all are welcome
13th Dec 16.00 Carol Service at St Michael and The Angels’ Church, Stour
Provost – all welcome.
16th Dec 15.20 End of Term