Celebration assembly 16.6.17

Celebration assembly 16.6.17
June 28, 2017 V Burpitt

 Our stars of the week this week were Annie (Acorn), Ollie (Chestnuts) and Rose (Oaks).  
  Ellie-Tailor received her silver reading certificate, Florence and George M received their gold reading certificates.  
Angus (Conkers), Joe, Ellie, Ruby (Chetnuts) received their silver certificates whilst George M received his gold certificate.

Jacob shared his certificate and his experience of a recent outdoor adventure scheme he had taken part in.

A number of Chetnut pupils recently competed in a KS2 Athlectics festival in Yeovil.

A large number of Oak pupils also took part in the Yeovil KS2 festival.

Katie (Oaks) shared her second place certificate that she had received at the Gillingham Family Athlectic festival.